Providing the Best Remittance & Forex Services.

  • Providing foreign exchange remittance services/inward and outward transfers via SWIFT and in collaboration with authorized remittance service providers.
  • Foreign Currency Account for Non-Residents individuals, organizations:
    • Maintenance of accounts for organizations, foreign nationals, individual, embassies whose source of income is foreign exchange and entitled for such facilities.
    • NRT, NR/NT, FCY accounts
    • Diaspora Accounts:- Type of foreign currency account for Non Resident Ethiopian and Ethiopian Origin. This account can be maintained in the form of fixed, current and Non Repatriable birr accounts.
    • Forex Bureau Services:- We buy and sale convertible currencies in cash notes

While providing the above mentioned services, the Bank observes pertinent laws and regulations, directives of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), international rules and regulations issued by the international Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and internal policies & procedures of the Bank.

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