Domestic Banking

These are deposits accepted for an unlimited period of time on which the Bank is required to pay interest.  The deposits in this account have no defined maturity and remain with the Bank as long as the depositor wishes. The main aim of saving account is to enhance the society’s saving cultures.

Special Saving Account
It is a saving account established for those who are interested to save with interest and also effect payments through cheques. Special savings are interest-bearing accounts operated by cheques.

Demand Deposit Account
These accounts maintained with a Bank against which payments are authorized by cheques.  The Bank is required to effect payment on demand and without prior notice.    The Bank is required to honor all payment instructions of a current account holders to the extent of the balance in the account at all times.  There will not be any demand for interest payment, for the funds in the accounts are always available for withdrawal.  Fixed Time Deposit Account
These deposits are made for a fixed period of time against an agreed interest rate. A
Certificate of Time Deposit (CTD), which shows clearly the amount deposited, the due date, and the rate of interest are issued by the Bank as evidenced thereof. The depositor may be allowed to withdraw against an advance notice before the maturity date.

Children’s Saving Account
This saving product is uniquely dedicated to children below the age of 18. The Bank offer better interest to encourage parents and/or guardians to save for their children’s future and to inspire a saving culture among children. Any one above the age of 14 who is self-employed can open by him/her self.

Youth Saving Account
This saving account is designed to build saving culture among youth for their better future and their education. Anyone between the ages of 18-24 can open this saving account. The Bank shall pay better interest.

Golden Age Saving Account
This account is a long term commitment account focused on saving for future retirement. It target all group of the society to make the retirement age secure. The Bank shall pay better interest.

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